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About Me... Well, if it’s not immediately obvious, my name is Brent, and I have a home studio. (everybody say: Hi, Brent.)  I’ve been interested in home recording for over 10 years now... ever since I took a music theory class in high school and was introduced to computer-based MIDI sequencing.  During college I was introduced to 4-track tape for recording, then after graduation I started recording on my PC using Digital Orchestrator Pro and Cakewalk Pro Audio.  Now, while I’m still using Cakewalk’s Sonar Producer to record on my PC, my recording equipment (and thankfully technique) has come a long way!

It all started when I took piano lessons (not too successfully, I might add) in grade school.  By the time I got into high school, I was ready for something different, and I took several years of guitar lessons.  Thus began the unending guitar saga... playing in the garage cover band that never made it out of the garage, joining the high school jazz band, doing way too many coffeehouse acoustic open-mic nights in college, composing epic progressive masterpieces that I’d never find time to finish recording, doing a brief stint as a choir director, etc.  Somehow I’ve managed to find time to play in original local bands (like Serenity, Naughty Butterspoon, The Burning Sensations) in recent years and work on home recording projects.  My latest project of choice is Necessary Distraction, and I am also playing with a 30-piece big band.

To get a flavor of my musical style, check out the following tunes:

  • Necessary Distraction (2007) -- driving acoustic rock
    Jennifer DePalma (vocals), Brent Duersch (guitar, bass, keys), Scott Pirk (drums), Dave Rottenberger (guitar)
  • home recording with Jennifer & Scott (2005) -- cover tunes
    Jennifer DePalma (vocals), Brent Duersch (guitar, bass), Scott Pirk (drums)
  • The Burning Sensations (2004) -- hard rock/funk originals
    Brent Duersch (guitar), Chris Meade (bass), Scott Pirk (drums), Mike Reeves (vocals), Dave Rottenberger (guitar)
  • Naughty Butterspoon (2002)
    Brent Duersch (guitar), Scott Pirk (drums), Dave Rottenberger (guitar, vocals), Brad Whitmore (bass)
  • Inception (2000) -- first attempt at home recording, all guitar instrumentals
    Brent Duersch (guitar, programming), Dave Rottenberger (guitar, programming)
  • Serenity (1999) -- during my brief stint as a bassist
    Marc Bullard (drums), Brent Duersch (bass), Jenny George (vocals), Dave Rottenberger (guitar)
  • prior to 1999... various Dayton coffeehouse creations, none of which were ever recorded, and few of which ever had the same name or members for more than a month at a time

About The Gear... The gear, in a nutshell, has been collected over the course of my 15+ year musical journey. The guitars & amps are most interesting to me, but I took the time to list out my keyboard, recording, and PA gear just for the sake of completeness.

Over the years, I’ve owned quite a few guitars (just over 100, if my records & math skills are correct).  While I never had much money or room for guitar gear while I was in college, after I graduated I became an avid Ibanez collector, focusing on signature models and other high-end models (J-Customs, Prestiges, USA Customs).  I’ve owned over 40 Ibanez guitars over the years. Then early 2004 I started trading my Ibanez guitars in for PRS guitars--there’s just nothing more satisfying to me than pounding away on mahogany-bodied maple-topped set-neck fixed-bridge guitars. Recently I’ve been diversifying the collection a bit by adding a few G&L’s (a Legacy & 3 ASATs), a couple hollowbodies (Gretsch G6120 & Heritage H-535), and a Gibson EDS-1275 doubleneck.

A more recent passion for me, however, has been amplifiers.  Over the years I’ve gone through the evolution from solid state amps (Crate) --> way too many effects (Digitech 2101) --> hybrid modeling amps (Johnson JM150) --> complete overkill rack rig (Mesa Triaxis/2:90) --> big collection of tube combos (Mesas, Marshall, Egnater, Fender, etc.) --> yet another complete overkill rack rig (Randall RM4/RT2-50) --> big collection of tube heads (H&K, Egnater, Rocktron, etc.).  I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that I’m a big fan of big racks (no comment), so I’ve just finished putting together a new rack with an Egnater M4 preamp, Lexicon MPX-G2 effects, VHT 2/50/2 power amp, and a couple Avatar 2x12 cabs.  When I’m not in the mood to “go big,” I still have a JTM45 clone I assembled at an Egnater amp-building seminar last October and a Randall RM50B palomino combo.

About The Site... I designed this site a few years ago just to show off pictures of my guitar collection.  As more & more people discovered the site, random people started writing to ask “How do you like that guitar?” or “What pickups does that guitar have?” or “Where can I get one of those?”  That prompted me to expand to include a little commentary and a few specs on each guitar.  It wasn’t long before I started getting even more messages like “What type of amps do you use?” and “What gear do you recommend for home recordng?” So, once again, I expanded to include some basic information on my guitar rigs (amplifiers and effects), keyboards, recording gear, and PA gear.

After several years, maintaining the site had finally gotten the best of me! Between a full-time job, part-time school, and a long-distance relationship, I just couldn’t afford to devote that much time to the site. So to prevent it from falling into complete disarray again, I rebuilt the site to simplify the design considerably.  For the time being, I’m pretty much done with the site (aside from quick updates when I buy & sell gear), but I might add some more schematics to the “Wiring Diagrams” section when I get around to drawing them up.

The site was built using NetObjects Fusion 7.  While I may be a computer programmer by day, I don’t need to be one by night as well... so I use Fusion just to simplify the maintenance of the site.  Pretty much all graphics work was done using Adobe Photoshop, with the exception of the wiring diagrams, which were done in Powerpoint.

As much passion as I have for music, I have just about as much passion (though not quite as much knowledge) about photography.  The pics on the site have been taken with various digital cameras I’ve owned over the years, including a Kodak DC120 Zoom, a Nikon Coolpix 3200, and (my current pride and joy) a Nikon D70 digital SLR. I also have a Nikon N60 SLR in case I ever want to shoot film again (hmmm... not too likely). To complement the D70 I have a Nikon SB600 flash, a Sigma 15-30mm wide angle zoom lens, a Sigma 28-200mm telephoto zoom lens, a Quantaray 135-400 telephoto zoom lens, and a backpack full of various camera accessories for handling just about any photographic “crisis” I come across.

Thanks for visiting!



My wife Jennifer & I doing a song at our wedding (May 2005)

Jennifer and I at OSU Nite Out (April 2005)
I’m playing a Guild DC5E-NT

Playing with the P&G Big Band (June 2003)
I’m playing a PRS Custom 24

The Burning Sensations @ The Mad Frog (Feb 2005)
I’m playing a PRS Custom 24

The Burning Sensations @ Never on Sundays (Nov. 2004)
I’m playing a PRS Singlecut

From the early Burning Sensations days (~2004)

Naughty Butterspoon CD Release Party @ The Mad Frog (Nov 2002)
I’m playing an Ibanez Jem90-HAM

Naughty Butterspoon @ The Mad Frog (May 2003)
I’m playing an Ibanez RG-ART1

Naughty Butterspoon CD Release Party @ The Mad Frog (Nov 2002)
I’m playing an Ibanez USRG30-TB

Naughty Butterspoon CD Release Party @ The Mad Frog (Nov 2002)
I’m playing an Ibanez Jem90-HAM

Naughty Butterspoon @ The Mad Frog (Feb 2002)
I’m playing a customized Ibanez RG2020x

Naughty Butterspoon @ The Mad Frog (Jan 2002)
I’m playing an Ibanez RG1880-BGS

Naughty Butterspoon @ The Mad Frog (Jan 2002)
I’m playing an Ibanez RG1880-BGS

Naughty Butterspoon Christmas Bash @ The Mad Frog (Dec 2001)
I’m playing an Ibanez RG3120-DR

From the early Naughty Butterspoon days (~2001)

From the early Serenity days (~1999)


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